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What Are Some of Today's Christian Worldview Leaders and Bible Teachers Saying About The Worldview Weekend Foundation and Its Impact?

Worldview Weekend Foundation is a much needed resource for families to get a clear, biblical perspective on the world and how we might live in it. As a committed Christian and father of six, I recommend you check out the wealth of good, solid information at Worldview Weekend.

Kirk Cameron

Our children are destined to endure the most anti-Christian environment our nation has ever known. If they are not equipped to vigorously defend their faith, Christianity will simply not be passed on to the next generation. WWF is focused on the reality of this true spiritual emergency."

Marquis Laughlin (Host)

Our nation is at a critical crossroads. Will we maintain our Christian heritage and Biblical values or will we become totally secular and Humanistic? When man declares there is no God, instead of worshipping nothing, he worships anything! Today, for many, tolerance has become a higher value than Truth. Postmodernity and "Political Correctness" require universalism, pluralism, multiculturalism to be our new religion. Every cult, religion and pagan practice is now deemed to be of equal value and must be accepted. Christian Worldview weekends and foundation are speaking Biblical truth, with grace and love, to this generation. Let me urge you to support this much needed effort as we, together, expose the darkness and let the light of God's eternal perspectives shine forth on this great nation."

Dr. Ron Carlson, President
Christian Ministries International

This world is a dangerous place, not because of crime, drugs or Islamic fanaticism, but because it's a dangerous place for the mind. Never before has the electronic marketplace been so accessible, not with fruits and vegetables, but with the spiritual equivalent of cyanide and dioxin. Irrationality, fuzzy-thinking, and unbiblical ideas have infiltrated the church and found a home. Many Christians today have come to terms with Postmodernism and like living there. I thank God for the Worldview Weekend Foundation. Through their multi-faceted efforts they are proving that biblical morality, Christian worldview and Bible literacy will not go quietly into the night.

Dr. Woodrow Kroll
President & Senior Bible Teacher
Back to the Bible International

"Code Blue-the Church is in crisis-and I believe God has raised up Worldview Weekend Foundation 'for such a time as this.' Brannon Howse is on the front lines of the fight; he is an extraordinary man with the courage to tackle tough issues. Code Blue rallies will impact the world."

Jill Martin Rische
Walter Martin Ministries

Worldview Weekends are a place where adults and youth can learn about a Christian Worldview and learn how to apply it to their everyday life. But these conferences are just the tip of the iceberg. There is Branson Family Reunion, Family Camp, Online Institute, Christian Worldview Network, and much more.

That's why I encourage you to support the Worldview Weekend Foundation. This non-profit organization provides the financial resources to build and expand Worldview Weekend as well as sponsor a number of free events that help pastors, laymen, and those in the military understand and develop their Christian Worldview. Please take a moment and consider what God would have you do in providing the financial resources so that Worldview Weekend can be more effective and reach more people.

Kerby Anderson, National Director for Probe Ministries
Host of "Point of View" radio talk show

Please support WVW Foundation as it plays a powerful part in being salt and light in this nation.

Ray Comfort

Contribute to the Worldview Weekend Foundation
Articles by our Founder and President
Worldview Weekend Rallies
Quotes from Christian Worldview Leaders and Bible Teachers

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